A Fellow Soldier and a Coach who Shares Faith and Passion with Entrepreneurs
Twelve Principles of a Venture Capitalist
Search for places, time and opportunities to meet exceptional talents.
Repeatedly visit these places and become true friends with every person there.
Eventually you will turn yourself into a venue where talents gather.
Every meeting is an opportunity to make a fan out of you.
Express your knowledge and experience from the other person’s point of view, without reservation.
Do not look for a company to invest in, but look for a theme in which to invest.
Then, look for a sound management team.
If no such team is available, try converting teams.
This is where your abilities are tested.
Money is not what you sell. Sell Yourself.
You are truly valuable when entrepreneurs ask You to participate in their endeavors.
The venture business is made of uncertainties.
Many will provide reasons why goals cannot be achieved.
Reflect on yourself in doubt, if you believe in the vision, strategies and the entrepreneurial team.
Be an ultimate realist, and a romanticist at the same time.
Your growth starts, when you take the first step of uncertainty.
Do not act like an analyst or an investor with an entrepreneur.
Share the future, but do not rush to succeed, and like the northern star, steadfastly show the way.
Cutting edge management knowledge is born from challenges that ventures face daily through
numerous trials and errors. You cannot learn to support entrepreneurs at your desk.
Become the “hub” of best practice by sharing your frontline knowledge with a number of stellar entrepreneurs.
The venture business is made of adversities. But difficulties are a foundation for evolution.
When facing a storm, stand confidently, act swiftly, with perfect composure and do not forget to keep a smile.
You are there to bring out team’s courage.
Everybody faces a time when he needs to withdraw.
The worst is when you become too insistent and pursue a target too far, to a fatal end.
Withdraw at full speed when the time comes. And learn from the failed experiences for future successes.
Words from investors fall on entrepreneurs like a heavy and sharp ax.
Before giving harsh words, take a moment. And do not forget your empathy.
When exiting, macro uncontrollables must work with you. As such, always be prepared to make a decision.
And the most important in execution is keeping a harmonious relationship.
Make the best possible effort, and if necessary, be the one who pains.
Once time passes you will witness young ambitious entrepreneurs turning into sophisticated leaders,
and will see new grads evolve into a reliable manager. You will rejoice together with them.
You will then find a true reward in this long road to success.