Yumiko Hatori

Yumiko Hatori

Senior Associate

IT, Service
NonStress, Inc.


After seeing several developing countries struggling to create their prominent domestic industries, I noticed: “In the global economy, doesn't the source of a nation's economic power stem from the creation capabilities of venture companies that can transform innovative ideas into practical realities?”
When I was fascinated by the bold spirits and the exceptional humanity of managers of the small midsize companies I met on my previous job, I thought: "Wouldn't society become more attractive, if the number of attractive business managers increased?" This is how I started my current job.
Just as I support people who take on challenges, I would also like to make take on challenges.


Yumiko Hatori joined GLOBIS in Sep 2007. Prior to GLOBIS, she worked for Toyota Motor Corporation, where she led sourcing activities cost reduction/quality improvement activities and sourcing strategy for Toyota globally.

Ms.Hatori received a BA in Law from Nagoya University and an MBA from Asian Institute of Management(AIM), Philippines.


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