Pioneering Venture Capital in Japan


Globis Incubation Fund (1st Fund - GIF)

  • Fund independently established by GLOBIS
  • Fund size: JPY540 million
  • Number of companies invested: 13
  • Number of IPOs: 6

Pioneering Hands-on VC in Japan

Globis Capital Partners was established in 1996 as Japan’s first full-scale “hands-on” venture capital - not merely to provide funding, but to offer comprehensive support in People (human resources), Capital (funds) and Knowledge (management expertise). These elements are essential for a company’s development, to entrepreneurs and venture companies who are at the early stages of foundation as well as for those already in a growth phase.
Globis Incubation Fund (GIF), invested in 13 companies with a JPY540 million fund, provided management support from various aspects of venture development, and led six of them to IPOs. Through GIF investments, GLOBIS established the foundation as a hands-on venture capital.


Apax Globis Japan Fund (2nd Fund - AGJF)

  • Joint fund with Apax
  • Fund size: JPY20 billion
  • Number of companies invested: 47
  • Number of IPOs: 8

The First Venture Capital with Global Standards in Japan

GLOBIS, after having gained investment experience through its first fund, established Apax Globis Japan Fund, a joint venture with Apax Partners, in July 1999.
Apax brought a wealth of investment experience of more than 30 years in the United States and Europe.
With the creation of the JPY20-billion fund, GLOBIS invested in IT, technology and services companies in early to late stages, including carve- outs.
Working together with Apax, GLOBIS practiced Western-style hands-on investment support to portfolio companies, and established a fund management method based on global standards.


Globis Fund III (3rd Fund - GFIII)

  • Fund independently established by GLOBIS
  • Fund size: JPY18 billion
  • Number of companies invested: 44
  • Number of IPOs: 14
  • (as of March 31, 2018)

Creating Global Mega Ventures in Japan

GLOBIS independently established its third fund with JPY18 billion in 2006, its fourth fund with JPY11.5 billion in 2013 and its fifth fund with 16 billion in 2016, respectively.
By drawing from its experience with previous two funds in developing companies, and leveraging on its expertise in the industry and its network of human resources,
GLOBIS has been actively investing in and developing companies with strong potential to become global mega ventures.


Globis Fund IV (4th Fund - GFIV)

  • Fund independently established by GLOBIS
  • Fund size: JPY11.5 billion
  • Number of companies invested: 23
  • Number of IPOs: 2
  • (as of March 31, 2018)


Globis Fund V (5th Fund - GFV)

  • Fund independently established by GLOBIS
  • Fund size: JPY16 billion
  • Number of companies invested: 23
  • (as of March 31, 2018)

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